kroger community rewards in partnership with college readiness plan

Community Rewards Details

Kroger Community Rewards supports all college & trade bound students of all ages. For every purchase made at Kroger, money goes to YOUR education! Enroll in Community Rewards Now!  There are 2 options available for sign up, by phone or online. 

Phone sign up is suggested because you MUST ASK FOR YOUR 8 DIGIT CASE NUMBER to CONFIRM ENROLLMENT. Instructions are as follows:

1. Call 855-576-7587 and press 1 (Mon. - Fri. 8am to 9pm and Sat. - Sun. 8am to 5pm)

2. Say "Enroll in Community Rewards"

3. Give your Kroger Card or your phone number to the customer service agent.

4. Give the organization name and number "College Readiness Plan PB982"

5. MUST ASK FOR 8 DIGIT CASE NUMBER to CONFIRM ENROLLMENT (do not hang up without your 8 digit Case Number).

6. You are completely enrolled

Sign Up Online

To Sign up online click the "Sign Up" button below and create an account. MUST ASK FOR AND RETAIN 8 DIGIT CASE NUMBER TO VERIFY SIGN UP.

  • Enter and confirm your email address.
  • Create and confirm your password.
  • Enter your zip code and click find
  • Enter your Kroger card number & last name and click save.
  • Scroll down to Community Rewards.
  • Click Enroll.
  • Follow the steps.
  • Click Save.
  • Enter College Readiness Plan number "PB982" and click search.
  • Click to select Organization Name "College Readiness Plan"
  • Click Enroll.

Sign Up Online